Dragonwings Presentations

Sixth graders presented their Dragonwings presentations. Presentations ranged from PowToons to Blender. They were great. Kevin: Gavin: Ronje: James: Grace and Maddie Addy reads her Dragon Myth on PowToon Joseph talks about the plane the Wright Brothers built.

History Fair Websites

Here are our websites. Please take a look. Just copy the URL and paste it into your browser. Alden http://14420742.nhd.weebly.com/ Sara and Aarushi http://50966404.nhd.weebly.com Aleah http://61928143.nhd.weebly.com Scotty 36297511.nhd.weebly.com Charlie 46159270.nhd.weebly.com Wes http://70588751.nhd.weebly.com Shreya http://55154143.nhd.weebly.com Tess http://13169481.nhd.weebly.com/