Quest Honors and Chamber Choir Soar at NOLA Heritage Music Festival

Quest Academy’s Honors Choir and Chamber Choir both earned gold ratings at the New Orleans Heritage Music Festival. Quest’s choir, a middle school choir, earned the top score among the all high school choir competition. Quest scored 190 out of a possible score of 200. Quest also earned the Adjudicator Award, an award that all three judges come to a consensus about the choir who wowed them.
Mrs. Negus – we are so blessed to be in your presence and learn from you. Watching your choirs is one of the most special memories for me. Having my son be a part of your choir is something I will cherish. You taught him and have shown the rest of your choir such life lessons.
With the fondest of memories and from my heart, thank you. Experiencing NOLA, the musical history, the float experience, a blues band singing my son and another student happy birthday were incredible memories. Finally, I got to experience a trip with you and the amazing Quest Academy choir.
Honors Choir
Song 1

Song 2

Song 3

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